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Gravity Pool is affiliated with Gravity BlockChain (GBC). We are committed to become operators and service providers of blockchain industry, providing the best service to different types of customers and creating value for them. Currently, we mainly provide services for the following blockchain projects:

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  • Graphene Ecology
  • As the EOS block producer and a member of Graphene Blockchain Applications Center (GBAC), GBC mainly committed to support and promote the development of graphene ecological. Therefore, Gravity Pool regards various blockchain projects under the graphene ecology as the core basic business.

  • High-quality Public Blockchain
  • The development of the blockchain industry needs to rely on various high-quality horizontal public blockchain support. Therefore, in addition to focusing on the graphene ecology, Gravity Pool will also focus on supporting blockchains with a good community foundation.

  • Characteristic Industry Chain
  • The large-scale landing of blockchain applications requires public blockchain support, as well as the vertical industry blockchain support. Gravity Pool will select the most potential block industry to support the public blockchain applied to the industry.


BP Service

Provide block production service for high-quality public blockchain.

Operational Service

Provide server commissioned operation service for BP in public blockchain.

Consulting Service

Provide technical consulting service for various blockchain projects.

Proxy Voting

Provide a proxy voting service for users to select BP in public blockchain.


BP Service: Provide block production service for high-quality horizontal basic public blockchains and vertical industry public blockchains to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the public blockchain.


Worbli is a financial services network where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services. It is also capable of hosting a variety of dApps focused on financial innovation, security and reliability. 


GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value. Benefiting from Graphene underlying architecture.


FinChain aims to create a global smart financial platform that integrates the functions of digital asset issuances, transactions and management by leveraging technologies like blockchain and AI.


BitShares (BTS), one of early Graphene projects, is an open source distributed system that supports valuable physical transactions such as cryptocurrency and legal tender.


GOC is a public blockchain with experimental and research nature, which is based on EOSIO software and used to explore governance theories, models on chain. A range of governance tools are also integrated.


PalletOne is an IP protocol for Abstract-Level Ledger Ecosystem focused on cross-chain technology which allowing value to flow freely between different blockchains.